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further notes on the fantastic, visual art and John Crowley department - joculum [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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further notes on the fantastic, visual art and John Crowley department [Mar. 7th, 2014|01:35 pm]
I have found another convert for the fiction of John Crowley—Joe Elias Tsambiras, (http://www.kailinart.com/2014/02/the-art-of-joe-elias-tsambiras/) whose artwork is Crowleyan without knowing it, but using a different visual vocabulary from the art John Crowley most admires (which means Mr. Crowley may not approve of it). Although I recommended Little, Big and the Ægypt cycle without further citation or explanation, it was the 2009 interview in The Believer (http://www.believermag.com/issues/200905/?read=interview_crowley ) that made a believer out of him, perhaps because so much that Mr. Crowley says in that interview would also apply to the art of Joe Elias Tsambiras.

Unfortunately Tsambiras is acquiring particular editions according to the cover art he finds most relevant and appealing to him, so I can’t guarantee the purchase of new copies, which of course matters a great deal to a living writer.

Here are a few piquant moments from Tsambiras' current show:

close-up-Laybrinth Detail from "Labyrinth (for Jorge Luis Borges)";

Conference-of-the-Birds-Etching-aquatint-paper-lithography-Edition-of-15-8-x-15-inches "Conference of the Birds";

I-Hear-the-Water-Dreaming-Etching-and-aquatint-Edition-of-7-12-x-18-inches "I Hear the Water Dreaming";

and (this is the joker in the pack, as it were) "The Toilets of Avalon".

[User Picture]From: crowleycrow
2014-03-08 01:09 pm (UTC)
Fascinating -- Google brought this to me. Thanks.
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