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more, still more, on reading the newspapers [Jan. 7th, 2007|05:25 pm]
My own reactions to the news are of no more use than any other bloggers' (which does not stop most bloggers from going on at length), but I am struck by how, some days, the Sunday NY Times would suffice to reorient our thought, would we but stop to correlate its contents. (Yes, the allusion is intentional but pointless.)

The story about Dublin turning into a traffic version of Atlanta or Los Angeles, for example, and for much the same reasons: limited and expensive housing stock downtown (leading, in America, to the demolition of the old low-income housing projects to make room for upscale loft living), less costly living in the suburbs, and insufficient density and financing to create a completely adequate public transit system to address the new reality. This links to other stories that I will not trouble you with.

I will trouble you with the reports on the post-election condition of These States, however, because the stories from Minnesota and Tennessee et al are well written and lend insight into regional realities. This for those of you outside the US who don't pick up the NYT online on a regular basis any more than I pick up the Times or the Guardian online on a daily basis. (I do check in on the BBC, of course.)

Also, today's travel story about "36 Hours in Atlanta" features my fave local store, Mingei World Arts, something of not much significance to any of my readers except that it is pleasurable to see a very small business get its global 15 minutes of fame, with phone calls from Manhattan having followed already to see where a visitor might find a luxury hotel in downtown Decatur.

I was going to check out the Oracle @ Wi-Fi this month but I see I've missed the hours for it. Next month.