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the other side of my low-denomination coin

I ordinarily would post something like this on counterforces.blogspot instead of joculum, but I would like to promote (probably with as much effect as my self-promotion) the literary project of Meshakai Wolf, whose film and video work on the creative heritage of the world's minority cultures also deserves attention ( When not documenting in Macedonia or traveling in southeast Turkey recording singers and storytellers, Wolf runs New Street Gallery in Atlanta and engages in such projects as helping others to create Open Face Sandwich, an annual magazine of art and literature self-described as "a cunning and ribald assault on the bedrock of western civilization," but if so, then one of the more cross-culturally literate and witty assaults ever mounted. Available from Small Press Distribution or from:

At last night's launch event, a carefully constructed evening of literature as theatre, I read excerpts from one of the volume's short stories (not by me), immediately preceding a stem-winding [or something more up-to-date than winding stems] performance by onetime Living Theatre actor Mel Clay, who traveled from San Francisco to dramatize his interview from Hell with Louis-Ferdinand Céline. Most remarkably, Céline's irascible replies to the interviewer, which appear in English in the magazine, appeared as a running supertitle in French above the deceased novelist's flickering long-distance digitized image from the infernal regions. It was, as they say, a tour de force, or perhaps a tour of some other description.

Perhaps my reluctant return to the stage will provoke me to finish editing the third CD of my own work. But I doubt it.

Usual joculum topics return now that Dr. Cullum has had his say about his un-joculum-like creative interests.

And in fact, I discover quickly that Mel Clay was in Tangier hanging out with Paul Bowles and company when that famous photo was taken that features in the joculum post about the never-to-be-held Tangier World's Fair, so all things really do return to earlier starting points faster than we would expect.

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